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When it comes to taste, SWING® Xeleven casts a spell over every apple lover. The firm structure with a high juice content enchants already when biting – the fine, elegant texture and the special aroma convince completely of the Swing Apple. Its crunchiness, juiciness and the balance between sugar and acidity with a tendency towards sweetness combine to create a perfect eating experience.

SWING® also impresses visually with its appealing appearance. The fruit is washed out, bright red.

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From ø65 mm to ø85 mm

Firmness kg/cm2

(penetrometer value) at least 7.0 to 9.5 kg/cm/cm2

Fructose content Brix°

From 13,5 to 16 Brix°

Shelf life

Very good shelf life and consistent quality. Ripe for consumption immediately from the tree.

Appearance and taste

The fruit is bright red with a high colour content and visible lenticels. The shape is cylindrical.

Harvest and ripeness

SWING® Xeleven is harvested from the end of October to the beginning of November. Good eating ripeness already from the tree until July.

Retail packaging

4kg laid, in planning: Foodtainer made of grass paper/Blitzmatic

Special features

SWING® Xeleven is resistant to scab, mildew and also aphids.