Strawberries are true power fruits. The red delicacies can be enjoyed from May to August. And the more you eat, the better – they are really healthy. Just 100 grams of strawberries provide the entire daily dose of vitamin C, which is more than citrus fruits. In addition, the tasty fruit has hardly any calories, but many B vitamins and is rich in minerals. The red fruit is also full to the brim with antioxidants. This makes them real energy bombs and a delicious anti-ageing remedy.

There are over 1,000 varieties in total. At Seefrucht, we attach great importance to high quality and have included five premium varieties in our range that combine important qualities such as taste, appearance and shelf life in the best possible way.

Appearance and taste

Regularly conical with a beautiful sheen. The beautiful aroma makes them a popular treat.

Harvest and ripeness

Early ripening variety. Harvest from 25 May


From ø45 mm to ø60 mm

Retail packaging

500g bowl

Special features

Good fruit firmness

Our varieties

  • Elsanta
  • Alba
  • Florence
  • Clerry
  • Darselect