KIKU – Fresh apple emotion

You are only one bite away from a novel taste experience with the young club variety KIKU®. KIKU® is harvested from October until November. The later KIKU® is harvested, the more “honey core” can be found in KIKU®. These honey hearts around the core have the colour of dark honey.

On a trip to Japan in 1990, South Tyrolean fruit grower Luis Braun discovered the Fuji apple branch from which our KIKU® originates. Today, KIKU® is a globally protected brand that you can discover in the fresh, blue boxes with the KIKU logo. All over the world, KIKU® apples have developed a particularly pleasant and inviting colour: Fresh Apple Emotion®.

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From ø70 mm to ø85 mm

Firmness kg/cm2

(penetrometer value) at least 5.2 kg/cm/cm2

Fructose content Brix°

Average value of 12.7 Brix°

Shelf life

Retains its crisp freshness for a very long time, good shelf life. We recommend cool storage. Even at room temperature, KIKU® retains its firmness, appearance and inimitable taste.

Appearance and taste

The flesh is yellowish to lightened green, ruby-red striped, typical for the variety at least 60 %. The flesh is very juicy and sweet. Crisp and fresh.

Harvest and ripeness

KIKU® is harvested from mid-October to mid-November. It is then ripe for consumption until July.

Retail packaging

Laid product in 7kg and 4kg KIKU® cartons. Foodtainer in 4-6 KIKU® bowls.

Special features

After harvesting, the KIKU® “Honey-Core” may contain honey hearts. These are a quality feature in many countries. We take great care to ensure that they develop to the right degree throughout the storage period.