The climate of the Lake Constance region is perfectly suited for the healthy and delicious growth of cherries. The special climate, the low rainfall period during harvest and an unbroken cold chain during sorting and preparation guarantee freshness and stability. Our growers cultivate them under cover, which ensures even colouring of the fruit and maximum quality preservation.

The delicious red fruits are true allrounders, whether you eat them plain, incorporate them into a light summer cake or drink them processed into juice. In addition to their full-bodied taste, red cherries also have some valuable ingredients. These provide the perfect basis for good health.

Appearance and taste

Dark red, sweet-juicy and very aromatic

Harvest and ripeness

Harvested today, yours tomorrow.


From ø26 mm to ø34 mm

Retail packaging

5kg loose | 500g bowl

Special features

Cherries with particularly uniform dark colouring

Our selected growers cultivate the following premium varieties:

  • Oktavia
  • Kordia
  • Regina
  • Sweetheart
  • Georgia