Evelina – surprisingly apple

The yellow base colour shines through the strong vermilion of the EVELINA® – and literally tempts you to take a hearty bite. In terms of taste, this apple lives up to its visual promise. EVELINA® scores with a pleasant sweet and sour taste. In the warm late summer days and comparatively cool nights, the distinctive sweetness of EVELINA® grows on Lake Constance until the end of September. In terms of taste, this apple delivers everything it promises. An excellent apple, very aromatic, with a pleasant sweet-sour taste.

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From ø 65 mm to ø 90 mm – Size 65/75 for VKS and 75/90 for laid goods + VKS

Firmness kg/cm2

(penetrometer value) at least 6.5 kg/cm2

Fructose content Brix°

Average of 13°, low acidity, malic acid: 4.7 g/l

Shelf life

Has excellent “shelf life”, even at room temperature EVELINA® maintains its firmness, appearance and taste.

Retail packaging

Laid goods in 14kg, 7kg and 4kg cartons, Foodtainer: in trays of 4-6-8, Commercial grade: I – Extra

Harvest and ripeness

October to June, integration with fruits from the southern hemisphere possible. All year round in all agreed variants, not all calibres may be available at short notice.

Appearance and taste

The flesh is yellowish to lightened green, with vermilion stripes on the top, typical for the variety, at least 65%. The flesh is very juicy and sweet. Crisp and fresh.