Red Jonaprince

The Red Jonaprince apple variety is mostly labelled as Red Prince in grocery stores. These apples reach their colouring very early and turn deep red. They have an average diameter of 75-85 mm and a spherical-conical shape. Their skin is shiny and smooth and almost completely covered with an intense crimson red. Even when grown on the shady side of the tree or inside the canopy, the Red Prince is sweet, crisp and very juicy.

The flesh is firm and dense, very hard, creamy-yellow, sweet-sour, aromatic and of high flavour quality. The red Jonaprince fruit contains more sugar and is firmer than other “Jona” varieties. The “Red Jonaprince” also contains a high level of secondary plant substances, the anthocyanins. These so-called bioflavonoids are among nature’s most powerful antioxidants and help protect our cells from ageing and the development of cancer. The Red Jonaprince variety is also a heavy-duty variety suitable for export to distant markets, with a long shelf life and tasty appearance.